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Need help getting rid of invasive plants in your yard?

Do you hate seeing this:

2-wisteria forest

and this:

English Ivy strangling a Dogwood

and this:

Japanese Honeysuckle thicket in a woodland

and this:

Dead during winter months, Microstegium vimineum (Japanese Stiltgrass) still overpowers a native holly along a creek

as much as I do? Experts battling these and other non-native invasive plants meet once a year in North Carolina to share information on the most effective eradication and management techniques. They are a good bunch of folks — native-loving plant nerds, if you will — who are passionately working to preserve the health of our dwindling native ecosystems by eliminating/controlling non-native invasive plants.

This year, the North Carolina Invasive Plant Council (NC-IPC) is hosting the annual regional meeting of its parent organization, the Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council (SE-EPPC) at the North Carolina Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill on May 26-28. Interested citizens are encouraged to attend — no degrees in botany required!

I’m looking forward to a number of presentations, especially including one from Edenton (NC) High School students and their teacher on their study of Hydrilla in their area. This highly invasive non-native plant is rapidly choking our streams, ponds, and lakes to the point of making them unnavigable by boats, and unhealthy for the natives that live in those waters. It lifts my heart to know that young people care about the future of their backyards — and their planet!

Early registration ends this Friday, May 15, so visit this page to register today if you’re interested.

I hope I’ll see you there!

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