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Dear Santa

magnolia cones

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written, and I know that you’re already busy flying around the world spreading your Christmas cheer, but I’m hoping because you’re omniscient and omnipresent that you might still consider my requests.

I’m not asking for any traditional gifts. I’m blessed with all that I really need. And, as I grow older, I’m finding more and more that the acquisition of additional things is just not what I care about.


As you know, since you know everything, I love the natural world. I’m sure that you and Mother Earth converse, but perhaps she hasn’t shared with you how challenging humans are making her job. While most every human knows about you and what you stand for, a depressing number – to me, anyway – of humans have forgotten all about Mother Earth.

This looks "normal" to the Plant Blind.

This looks “normal” to the Plant Blind.

In the US, where I live, a disturbing number of humans have developed Plant Blindness. They are no longer able to see plants as individual entities and species; it’s all just an interchangeable green blur to them, irrelevant – they think – to their lives. I’m hoping – if you’ve got any extra Christmas mojo at all – that you will consider zapping the Plant Blind with so much Christmas light that they’ll start appreciating the natural world surrounding them. And please do it today, before the native landscape becomes irretrievable. I know that’s a mighty big request, but I’m very worried, Santa. I’d be grateful for anything you can do.

CORA garden and Carol

While I’ve got your ear, I’ve a couple more favors to ask. I’m also worried about the hungry, Santa. Here in the US, we’re not doing a good job of feeding them. They especially need fresh fruits and vegetables, and community gardens are springing up around the country with the goal of providing these critical foods to hungry folks. But those gardens could use your help. Could you perhaps drop off some supplies – seeds, fertilizers, mulch, tools – anything like that lingering down in the bottom of that big sack you carry? And elves. Those gardens can use all the elves you can spare. It might be nice to send them to warmer climes for a bit, where they can help cultivate and nurture these critical food gardens.

Florida Flame Azalea at the NC Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill

Florida Flame Azalea at the NC Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill

All the wonderful nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping Mother Earth are also hurting these days, Santa. Humans aren’t donating to these essential groups the way they once did. Please consider using your Christmas mojo to direct critical grant funds to their budgets, and maybe if you can help the Plant Blind see, they’ll open their wallets to help out too.

Thanks, Santa.

Thanks, Santa.

I know, Santa, that as you fly around the world today and tonight, you are seeing great need everywhere. The pleas for help, I’m sure, are deafening. But somehow through the noise, I know you hear every request, so I’m hoping you’ll hear this one.

Thanks for listening, Santa.

Merry Christmas. And to all — Happy Gardening!


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