A Quick Veggie Update

Not veggies — but pretty, yes?

I promised to try to report running tallies of my vegetable harvest, so here’s a recap.

  • Sweet Treats cherry tomatoes — only 2 so far, but in a few days, it’ll be cherry bonanza time. The first two were eaten with great ceremony by me and Wonder Spouse (one per customer). They were wonderful. Can’t wait for more.
  • Purple Russian tomatoes — had to pick two before they were fully ripe due to cracking. This despite my devotion to watering. They are an heirloom variety; these always seem to crack more easily.
  • Ferline tomatoes — Picked one two days ago and two more today. These are smallish slicer types. I’d call the flavor good but not amazingly so.
  • Raven zucchini — In the last two weeks, we’ve picked about 5, including one today. Productivity seems down; I’m blaming the heat wave and drought.
  • Plato zucchini — In the last two weeks, we’ve picked about 4, including one today. The zukes just aren’t cranking this year.
  • Summer Sunburst squash — Picked the first of this pattypan type today.

That’s it for harvestable veggies. The other tomatoes are beginning to show color. The pole and bush beans are full of flowers and beginning to sport tiny beans. The cucumbers, which I planted late, are growing wildly but are not yet flowering — any second, I’m thinking. And the Honey Bear winter acorn squash has some gorgeous melon-sized fruits in progress.

Considering the unrelenting heat and total absence of rainfall, I am cautiously optimistic that I’ll be up to my eyeballs in produce in a few weeks. Stay tuned for further veggie updates…

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