For Wearers — and Bearers — of the Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all. In the southeast piedmont region, this date marks the beginning of serious pollen season, and it’s right on schedule this year. Of course, the lovely wildflower above — Joe Pye Weed — won’t bloom for a few months yet, but, hey, it’s a nice picture, right?

In honor of all things green today, I thought I’d mention an organization that can be helpful to piedmont gardeners. I’ll feature such organizations from time to time. Today I’m starting with a North Carolina-based organization because that’s where I live. I promise that later entries will feature similar organizations in other southeastern states.

For all North Carolina gardeners interested in native plants, please check out the Web site of the North Carolina Native Plant Society (NCNPS) here.  If you want to learn all about native plants — including wildflowers — this group is worth joining.

They offer field trips to all parts of the state. Seasoned members are delighted to share their knowledge with novices. And if you’re looking for inexpensive native plants to add to your garden, you can join the NCNPS on plant rescues, during which they remove native plants from areas about to be bulldozed into oblivion.

Local chapters are scattered throughout the state, so there’s probably one near you. Membership dues are extremely reasonable, and the newsletters are jam-packed with useful information.

In the spirit of honoring all things green, give their Web site a quick look — maybe even join. Your garden will thank you.

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