Add Water

Actively flowing water in our creek

This morning, my yard is transformed by the power of water. Bona fide thunderstorms crashed through my region yesterday evening. Roaring winds, blinding lightning, deafening thunder, and — hallelujah — significant rain! Well, significant by the standard of recent months. Our rain gauge measured 0.83 of an inch.

You wouldn’t think that less than an inch of rain could make so much difference to a landscape. But when that landscape is as parched as mine was, the effects of measurable driving rain are instantaneous. Yesterday’s brown floodplain floor is today a soft emerald. Grasses and wildflowers must have been poised just below the surface, waiting for their cue — measurable rain.

For the first time in months, my creek is actively flowing, as documented in the above photo. The water level in my creek only rose about four inches, but it’s a start. It’s bound to make the Wood Ducks happier — more to paddle in.

I counted a dozen pea sprouts in the vegetable garden. I predict by day’s end more will have emerged, encouraged by last night’s thorough watering.

And the daffodils — they were already opening from our mini heat wave, but last night’s rain motivated the King Alfred Daffodils to join the Ice Follies. Here’s how much the Ice Follies have opened:

Ice Folly Daffodils

And here’s a handsome King Alfred. These deep yellow fellows make the Ice Follies look petite:

King Alfred Daffodil

Lately our air has been full of dust and smoke from nearby wildfires. Today, a cool north wind is ushering in fresh, rain-washed air that invigorates the spirits of wildlife and gardeners — at least it invigorates this gardener.  I can feel the weeds gathering their forces for their first rain-fueled assault. I see the wind-tossed branches cluttering beds and lawn.

Cool sunshine beckons me to the garden chores needed to transform spring rain into summertime bounty. I think this occasion calls for a new pair of garden gloves.

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