Spring Hereby Officially Declared

Daffodil declaration of spring

The meteorologists claim that spring begins on March 1. Others suggest that the vernal equinox (this year’s will be on March 20) denotes spring’s onset. But in my yard, spring was officially declared today by the daffodils.

The first bud opened partially yesterday. Today, these two are already open, and I predict that today’s heat will encourage many more blossoms to open before sunset.

These daffodils are a variety called Ice Folly, because they usually bloom when it’s still cold outside, sometimes even with snow on the ground. But they also usually open several weeks earlier than this. This winter’s profound cold, combined with the continuing severe drought, delayed their emergence. This year they are not defying winter; they are declaring spring.

After tomorrow’s predicted 80-degree F heat wave, I predict that dozens of these sunny blooms will be lighting up my landscape. Here’s hoping their sunshine can summon serious rains soon!


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