Today’s addition to the springtime show


Dwarf Iris

The piedmont floodplain forests of my youth were full of blooming Dwarf Crested Iris (Iris cristata) in early spring.  I never see them anymore. I think the evil invasive exotic Japanese Stiltgrass has crowded it out of its native domain. Deer predation probably isn’t helping it either.

I planted these little ones in my front garden right beside the walkway, so that I can’t miss their petite blooms when they open. This is a named cultivar, but I confess I don’t remember which one, nor do I have any records that would tell me. I do try to write down such information, but when you’ve been gardening as long as I have, these sorts of details tend to become lower priorities.

In our native woodlands, these wildflowers are spring ephemerals, blooming quickly, then fading back into the leaf mulch of the forest floor. My little flowers usually don’t last long either. Too much heat or wind or heavy rain will crumple their petals beyond recognition.

Alas, my area is predicted to be scorched by more unseasonably warm temperatures, strong winds, and unrelentingly dry skies, so I’m glad I have this photograph. The real flowers will likely be gone by tomorrow.


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